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Let me teach you how to train your brain to create thoughts that empower you to combat the stress and anxiety that comes. Let's work to increase your confidence and improve your mental health so that you can thrive and find joy... not only as an athlete, but in everyday life.


what if you could...

Recognize your super powers and hit the field confident in your abilities.

Know how to communicate with your coach and teammates.

Train your brain to recognize opportunities for growth and combat the anxiety and stress of your sport.

Process your emotions and automatically create thoughts that serve you.

Thrive, find joy, and know how to balance student athlete life, without compromising your skills.


Now that we’re on the same page, here’s how we can make all those dreams come to life.

1-on-1 coaching packages

Ready to grow and reach your goals?
This is a 6 month private coaching package  custom to your  growth.

Choose the best plan that fits your needs as an athlete or sports mom Pay in full $5000. Payment plans available upon request; 6 Payments of $840

18 -30 min sessions via zoom (x2 month)

Voxer coaching support in between sessions

Athlete Confidence System- Course


athlete gold private 1-on-1 coaching plan

Power hour 1-ON-1

Ready for a deep dive? Get clear on where your rooted beliefs are taking you and experience shifts to overcome mind blocks, anxiety and succeed in your goals with your sport and life.

Pay in full $275

Single 50 minute deep dive private session. 

Book at your own convenience.

No weekly commitments. Come as you are!


You are called for what you can become

Russell M. Nelson

how it works

step 1

Book a free consult so we can get to know each other and determine if we're the right fit! We'll create a safe place for you to come as you are and work to break down your current thoughts.

meet and chat

step 2

As we work together, we'll train your brain and learn how to process and automatically create thoughts that serve and strengthen you as an athlete while you continue to train your body.

start your journey

step 3

Move forward with the mindset tools that will allow you to choose your thoughts, improve your mental health, increase your confidence, find greater joy in your sport, and create balance in your life.

leavE empowereD


this is for you if...

You feel overwhelmed by the demands of your sport and feel pressure to perform.

You are struggling to maintain balance between sports, school, relationships and more.

You feel like you are losing your identity within your sport or struggling with your confidence.

You feel inadequate or like no matter how hard you work, it's just not good enough.

You want to up-level your game, but feel stuck.

You are working to improve your skills and are ready to reach your goals, but need help.

Build your confidence

In the Athlete Confidence System you'll learn:

  • How to self-coach
  • Emotional Processing
  • To overcome athlete mindset-perfectionism
  • To create healthy boundaries.
  • Stress management.
  • Time management skills
  • Goal achievement
  • Relationship skills
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confidence Course

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1-on-1 Coaching

Team Coaching



hi! I'm lorrine

Let's work together to redefine your role as athlete and find joy and balance in your life today.

BS Exercise Sports Science, ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist, PN1 and PN2 Nutrition Certification, Personal Trainer and Certified LCS Life Coach.